Partial Dentures

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At Neibauer Dental Care, we are the most reliable partial dentures provider in Leesburg.

Partial dentures are a less invasive, less expensive tooth replacement option for patients who need to replace several missing teeth but not an entire upper or lower row of teeth.

What are the benefits of partial dentures?

They are customized to the patient's mouth for comfort and performance. Partial dentures not only improve your smile, but they can also make eating and talking easier. They keep your remaining teeth in-line, which helps them last longer. Patients can easily remove partial dentures for cleaning, which is beneficial to overall oral health.

How do they work?

Partial dentures are designed to be strong and natural-looking, using a combination of metal and acrylic, individually crafted for your mouth by your dentist.

  • First, your dentist takes a series of impressions.
  • Then, a plastic model is created to evaluate color, shape, and fit.
  • Next, after fine-tuning, your final partial is crafted.
  • Over time, adjustments are made to optimize comfort and performance.

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